Emotional Intelligence Training and Course

Programme Outline :

Emotional Intelligence is a key aspect of the development of both the individual and organization. It relates strongly to the concepts of love and spirituality which play a key role in bringing compassion and humanity to work.

Emotional Intelligence training by us is handled by top academic professionals who are brilliant and inept. It is important to understand that people with a relatively high Intelligent Quotient do not necessarily have a high EQ.

Programme Objective :

The Program objective is to train the participants and enable them to survive in an unsure and competitive environment by utilizing the Emotional Intelligence Quotient. Emotional Intelligence Training will help you to achieve high EQ through structured training and practising. High EQ will eradicate insecurity and increase openness. People with strong emotional EQ will have less emotional baggage.

What You Will Learn in Emotional Intelligence Training?

Self-Awareness: Primary Emotions, Why are we emotional, “Emotional Hijacking”, Processing of emotions, Functions & Dysfunctions of Emotions, Right brain & left-brain thinking, Locus of Control Self-Management: Advantage of the power of optimism, Managing anger, Happiness @ Work, Managing worry & Fear, Building positive mentality, Automating positive thinking, Different kinds of fears and handling them Self-Motivation: Power of self-motivation, Why some people are more motivated than others, Key mentality that leads to significant success, being creative. Social Awareness: Empathic communication, Effective group interactions, Listen positively & “Negative Listening Types”, Relationship Management: Human Needs, Recognizing others’ needs and desires, Influencing, Conflict Management and leading change. Above Content may vary depending on participants level, need and expectations.

Training Takeaway :

Improved quality of life (Total Quality Mind)
Confidence in others and self
Learn the importance of EI in life
Develop and nurture competencies and thereby improved productivity

Training Methodology :

Management Games and Roleplay, Personal profiling, Group Discussions, Case studies & Creative work. The activities are designed to address the needs of the group.

Who can participate in this training programme?

The programme is designed for H R Professionals, Senior-level managers and Middle-level Managers from all functions, Consultants and Trainers.