Developing HR Policies & Systems

Outline of HR Policies & Systems

Just like societies need guidelines and policies to create law & order, organisations need HR policies. Often, when businesses start small, they leave things loose and create rules as they go. However, there comes a point when an organization needs to coordinate among its members and provide clarity in decision making, there comes the HR Policy into picture. Drafting a perfect HR Policy is an art.


Employee Engagement Survey

Project Timelines

S No Project Stages Timeline
1 Project Planning/ Input collection from leadership team 1 Week to 2 weeks
2 Execution/ Policy drafting 2-4 weeks
3 Review with leadership team & final copy submission 2 weeks

Approximate duration shall be 6 weeks to 8 weeks from the day of confirmation of the project

List of policies:

  • Recruitment policy
  • Induction policy
  • Working hour policy
  • Work from home /hybrid policy
  • Leave policy
  • Travel policy
  • Laptop policy
  • Mobile policy
  • Car policy
  • Salary advance policy
  • Escalation policy
  • Employee code of conduct policy
  • Employee welfare policy
  • PoSH (Prevention of Sexual harassment policy)
  • Exit Policy
  • Promotion & Increment policy
  • Performance review policy